How to Replace A 2007-2014 Chevy Silverado Fog Lights Led Light

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I was just here working on the this Chevy 2004 year. I was changing the fog lights to LEDs, I’m using these 9005 LED light bulbs, I like the product already installed one this is how the other one looks.

How you do this is usually pop it out to the back or you get like an L shape and just pop it out. You just pop out, you can see those are the little tabs and that’s new, you set up plug-and-play there you go.

If you don’t wanna take off the whole bowl, the whole land you could just take it up disconnect it from the back end. Pull it all, it has two little tabs what you want to do just put something pointy, just stuck it in and just pull it out.

For me and each side just pull up there you go old versus then you to put it back you know the drill how you take it off put it back in. I have a little cruise you hear that little kick, you can just connect it why are you up here unless you want to go under the truck. How were you guys find it more convenient, just plug and their little grooves? We’re putting the light back on you need a line the little tabs some jobs the tab just put them down, so they cut our line. Once you do that there you go two LEDs fog lamps done.

let me show you guys the difference between the regular halogen and led as you can seel ook at the light over there and the regular.

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