Tips to Clean Your Car After a Vocation

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clean your car

You realize how dirty your car has been when you start cleaning it. When the holidays are over, the accumulation of dirt is more than evident in many of the cars.

Taking our children from one side to the other, classmates, etc., makes all parts of the vehicle dirty, and it is, therefore, advisable to do a deep cleaning.

clean your car

Today we are going to show you how to leave everything sparkling:

1, Remove all trash: such as papers, tissues, and food scraps (wrappers). We will order well the glove compartment and the other places where we keep things.

2, We will clean the dashboard with products that we can buy anywhere, whether it’s a supermarket or a gas station. We will remove all dirt from the dashboard with the product and a cloth.

In the grooves, we will use a brush to remove all the dust where we cannot reach with the cloth, also to remove the society that we cannot reach with the vacuum cleaner.

clean your car

3, We will clean with the same product the doors and other plastics of the car such as the trunk, rear doors, frames, and door sills and the central crossbars, as well as where it sits in the rear tray of the Trunk

4, Cleaning of the crystals: we will clean them in an area that does not shine in the sun and that the crystals are cold, to avoid markings when the sun reflects or fogs.

Tip: if your car fogs a lot, we will regularly clean the windows and prevent its formation so quickly.

5, Aspiration: first, we will vacuum the carpets. If they made of cloth, we could wash them with water and with a product that contains a detergent to remove bad odors.

Next, we will vacuum the entire carpet and seats (from the sides and below). It is advisable that the rear seats, if possible, we will disassemble them to clean the bottoms so that some food that can give off smell has cast.

clean your car

6, Trunk: it is the forgotten part of the car, we will place it, we will shake the rear part, and we will vacuum it thoroughly.

7, Cleaning the door frames: accumulates a lot of dirt and is the first thing you see when entering the car, so if we forget about them, the final result will be a deteriorated idea. we will clean everything in the doors and frames of them with water and a sponge or cloth

8, Put an air freshener to the taste of the driver.

This result is all for today to keep a car taken care of after forgetting it on vacation. It is important to clean, especially if you have sea sand since it contains salt and oxidizes the metal of the car.

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