How to install Interior LEDs on 2nd Generation 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to install Interior LEDs on 2nd Generation 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

Today we have a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado extended also known as the GMC Sierra quad cab that will be installing led into your lights on let’s go ahead and get started.

Replace map lights

We’ll be using one of the trim piece tools to pry loose that overhead cover to get access to those map light bulbs. There are four points of contact that are being made for that cover, you’ll be using the tool to pry in and release two of those edges to get that cover to come out. Then using the pointed wedge tool that comes with your kit to help remove the old halogen bulb and replace it with the 194 LED bulb in your kit.

These LED bulbs are polarity specific, sometimes they will work after the first attempt. If they don’t make sure that you reverse them and change the polarity and then try it again. Once you know that the balls work pop the cover back on in place.


Replace dome lights

For the rear cabin dome lights, you’re going to being the same trim tool as the front overhead map lights and you’re going to be prying from the passenger side to release the cover. Once you release and let that hinge comedown, it’ll release the entire assembly, it’ll come out of your overhead console. With access to the bulb, you can use the pointed wedge tool get that halogen bulb out, replace it with an 912 LED bulb.

Make sure that if it doesn’t work the first time you flip it around change the polarity reinsert it and test it again before reinserting that cover back into the overhead console. Put it into the passenger side first then put the driver’s side in, use that hinge to lock the whole piece in place.


Replace license plate lights

For the rear cab light, you do need a head screwdriver to release the assembly from the roof liner, take your head screwdriver, remove the two screws on the left and right side, you’ll be able to pretty easily remove that entire light housing. That light housing has two sides, the furthest left and the furthest right are the cab lights, twist it counterclockwise to release the bulb assembly, remove it.

The license plate lights are a little bit trickier, you have to pull backward on the bulb release the clip that’s holding it in place. Turn counterclockwise to separate the bulb housing from the assembly, once you have that taken care of you’ll have access to the halogen bulb again the lights are on, once you’ve confirmed that the light bulb is working go ahead and reinsert the assembly for the bulb back into the housing, and snap that bad boy back in place.

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