What You Should Notice When Buying a Car

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buying a car

When we buy a car, they give us several possibilities as well as acquiring new extras that improve performance or even safety.

But today we are going to try to advise that we should choose either the anti-puncture Kit that does not take up almost space in our trunk or the normal spare wheel or cookie wheel.

With this wheel, we will limit the maximum speed to 40 km per hour as it is a helper wheel to reach the nearest workshop to patch or change the wheel we have punctured.

buying a car

The anti-puncture Kit is a wheel repair kit that has, in its compound, a product that repairs and swells the wheel that has lost air due to a puncture coming from a sharp object that cracks the constitution of the tire reaching the chamber of air and causes the air to expel outside.

This kit has the advantage that it occupies a little place in the car and makes us have more usable space in the cargo compartment (trunk).

The disadvantage of this kit is it does not repair punctures with a diameter greater than 5 mm. The liquid that inserted into the air chamber is impossible to cover the hole with the cash that inserted.

The spare wheel, on the other hand, gives us more autonomy, within this section we have two differences:

buying a car

-The cookie wheel is a wheel to replace the original car for a short period. That is, we have to change the wheel as soon as possible because, with this wheel, we limit the speed at which we can drive around 40 km hour, is the most used to get out of the way, and that many manufacturers ride.

-The spare wheel as the original car: one of the best options without a doubt and the one you chose without thinking for a moment by experience.

Advantages: we can continue in case of a blowout and less space than the wheel of origin of the car.

Disadvantages: speed limitation at 40km / h.

When you take a trip, it is very easy that for any reason, you have a flat tire, and you need to continue your trip with this wheel you can do it since it has no speed limit or has to replace although it recommends.

buying a car

Advantage: it has the same characteristics as the originals of the car.

Disadvantages It reduces the useful space of the car in the cargo compartment or increases the weight of the vehicle by a couple of kgs.

Therefore we recommend the use of a wheel with the same characteristics as the original. In the case of blowout or breakage of the tire, we can continue our journey.

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