Guide to Change Car Rear Bearing

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change car rear bearing

Changing a bearing can be a good task that we can do a weekend, whether you like it or save a few euros instead of taking it to the workshop.

The bearings are moving parts that cause the wheels to spin without almost wear of friction, there are many types, but the most used are those of balls or conical. To change a bearing, we will need the following tools, a jack to lift the car and an easel to leave it safe and extractor bearings.

change car rear bearing

1, We must lift the vehicle on the wheel that we think makes a buzzing (bearing in bad conditions) we will check if it has any slack, we will roll it with the hand and see if it is the bearing that produces the noise, if it is, we will lower the vehicle.

2, Loosen the bolts or nuts of the wheel without getting them out and lift the vehicle by placing a stand to work safely and work underneath. Once the wheel removed, we remove the dust cap and remove the pin to loosen the nut; once the nut is loose, we try to remove the drum by clamping with two large flat screwdrivers, taking into account when we get the bearings in the case of some vehicles.

change car rear bearing

3, Once the drum is out, and we will proceed to remove the guides from the bearings with afloat. Once outside, we will clean everything well to place the new bearing.

4, To place the new tracks, we must have a press, and if in the case that we did not have it we can use the old tracks to hit it with a hammer according to its circumference, we will lubricate the new one with oil and try to lower it equally. Once we put the two, we will place the retainer so that the fat does not leave us towards the drum.

5, We will proceed to mount the drum, and successively we will put on the clean shaft the new greased bearings, and unlike we take out, we put the nut.

change car rear bearing

6, To give the tightening of the nut, we must see if the bearing rotates well; this means that when turning with the hand, it must not break, and once it inserted the pin to fix it.

7, We will grease again before putting on the dust cover and place the wheel.

Once all this is done we will test the vehicle on the road and see that I stop making the characteristic hum of a damaged bearing.

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