How to Refuel for Your Car

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how to refuel

Not long ago, we all went rigorously on Mondays to refuel, both gasoline and diesel, since the difference with the rest of the week was more than noticeable.

This result was because, on Mondays, gasoline/diesel was cheaper than other days. Then, as if it were a ritual, on Monday handrails by the gas stations to fill the tanks to save money with refueling.

But many users also perform another series of actions such as refueling in the morning. Since they say that the density of the fuel is different, therefore, a greater increase in fuel is experienced in the tank. But let’s analyze how true this is.

how to refuel

1, Fill in first thing in the morning or at nightfall. It is sovereign nonsense to believe that this trick will save money and increase car autonomy. The density of the fuel does not change since regulators and tanks do not admit that these variations occur. To say that in case of missing the regulatory commission could sanction the oil company.

2, Refuel slowly: here, there can be a variation because in the refueling gases are produced that are recycled inside for recycling, making this if we can notice a small difference.

3, Turn the nozzle: little difference we can notice, but different media ensure that with this action, we are refueling around 80-100ml more than if we do not.

how to refuel

4, Fill the deposit in half: as they say, evaporation can cause the autonomy of the vehicle to decrease, but I have never noticed it. I have left the car one week stopped, and I have taken the same kilometers, so if we use the car every day, we will not notice it.

With the updates occur in the industry, they certainly thought about this, and they have taken measures to regularize.

how to refuel

It is true, that a long time ago (last century) it could happen that there was variation in refueling because there was no compensation in the suppliers. Thus refilling fewer liters, but at present, the differences that can find are minimal.

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