How to Repair Your Car at Home

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repair your car

In our previous post, we were talking about how to make repairs or repair what has damaged, but never of everything necessary to repair your vehicle at home.  That is, the necessary tools to carry out these tasks, what we use ourselves.

Today we bring you everything you need to set up your workshop at home so that most comfortably, you can make simple repairs to your vehicle without paying for labor.

repair your car

What we use to make repairs on the following tools:

1, A Briefcase: That it has a great variety of glasses and tips for the different screws that a vehicle may have, with one of 215pcs would be advisable.

Briefcase tools workshop at home

2, A cat: we can find a variety of cats: mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic. These differ in the volume and weight capacity they can lift. The most common 2T would be enough for any conventional vehicle. A considerable point to see would be the minimum and maximum travel height since we can have a vehicle, low or high, such as a 4 × 4, the maximum recommended height would be about 40cm.

repair your car

3, Security stands in case the cat fails to have Security if we are working under the vehicle.

4, A portable light: since many times the parts to be replaced are in inaccessible and poorly visible places, so in this way, we would be more comfortable replacing them.

5,  Extractors: These are necessary to extract bearings since, without them, we would be more complicated to replace them. We also have extractors to replace kneecaps that make us the function of detaching them without needing blows.

6, Various tools: here, we can have a great variety: from flat screwdrivers, star, Torx, hexagonal, etc. Normal pliers, tips, sharp, etc. Parrot beak hammers, floaters,

7, Flanges: we must always have them in case you have to fix a loose cable.

repair your car

8, Electrical material: Multimeter to do some battery check, or simply if the alternator is working correctly, strip wires, tips, tabs (clematis), retractable tube for cable ties, several light bulbs in case you have to replace a melt.

9, Useful to change oil: you will need it if they have a conventional filter, which most of the cars carry.

This method is essential to have a workshop to be able to perform most repairs. If you think something is missing, let us know in the comment box that you will find just below.

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