What to Do When the Car Can Not Start in Winter

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start the car in winter

Do you have trouble starting the car in winter? As a general rule in winter, the cold makes it difficult to start cars, especially older models, which, even on very cold days, can end the car’s battery.

Today we bring you the most typical possible failures of a car in winter; we will tell you the problems and the solutions to these problems.

1, When it is very cold, the car does not start.

First of all, we must find out where this fault comes. If we make contact and the motor rotates several turns but does not start, and when trying again, it keeps turning the motor, we will discard it from the battery. But if it only turns the starter motor a few turns and then it does not turn any more, it is a battery problem, so we must check it with a multimeter and replace it.

Secondly, if we have to put several times in contact so that the car starts, it can be a problem for car heaters. When the car is hot, it can start at first, but with the cold car, if they are damaged, they can cause the car not to start, or do it at the three times of trying.

For this problem we must replace the heaters, although there are cars that start already badly in winter, we recommend giving the contact twice, a starting turn, and again contact so that it lights better.

start the car in winter

2, Idle lower than normal, and the car shakes.

If you only do it when the car is cold, it can be for two reasons:

When the car trembles, it might be too cold, and until the sensors stabilize the air intake, fuel shakes, but after a minute it stops shaking and the revolutions rise to its normal regime. This result is normal if it is only cold and I would say that most cars with time in the market do it, another problem would be if they do it hot or normally, then it would be caused by other failures. The solution is to let it take the normal working temperature, approximately 4 minutes, to the idle.

If the car trembles and sounds bad, it can be a problem, as we discussed earlier. It may be that a heater is in poor condition and does not fulfill its function. The car can initially start at three cylinders, causing a very pronounced tremor in the car, even throwing white smoke from the exhaust, a sign that the diesel has not burned.

start the car in winter

3, white smoke in the morning when I turn it on.

It is usually more common in gasoline cars, but diesel also occurs. This white smoke produced when the car is cold, and it is a condensation of a temperature difference that causes this white smoke to escape.

Along with this smoke, water usually accompanied in the exhaust produced by said condensation. Many of the current exhausts are made of stainless steel so that oxidation of the exhaust does not occur, as was usual in old cars, especially the rear and middle parts of the exhaust system.

start the car in winter

4, Water freezing of windshield washers.

To do this, we must add a little alcohol (ethyl) to windshield washer water to prevent it from freezing since the alcohol has a very high solidification point.

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