How to Avoid the Aquaplaning While Driving?

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avoid the aquaplaning

What is aquaplaning?

The aquaplaning phenomenon is the loss of adhesion to the pavement of the road driven by the accumulation of water. The tire is unable to dislodge the water from its front. The accumulation is greater than that conceived by the manufacturer.

How does the tiring work?

The tire tries to dislodge the water from the most frontal part of the tire, secondly use the grooves of the wheels to get the most and expose the tire to greater friction with the wet pavement, and the drawing draws the water laterally to increase Even more grip.

avoid the aquaplaning

How does the tire in aquaplaning?

The front of the tire tries to draw as much water as possible to the right and left. There is a higher water concentration. It only manages to displace it; the grooves in the tires try to find a contact. Still, the water concentration is higher than the grooves, so it results in In vain, and the drawing you need contact to evacuate the water flow optimally.

Where do we find aquaplaning?

In areas of the pavement of the roads where there is an accumulation of water, water channels outside the roads that cross the road, uneven roads that cross the average of other lanes, stagnations, shoulders, broken pipes, drains.

avoid the aquaplaning

What sensation perceived in the car?

First, we will find a deceleration of the vehicle, which causes the speed of this to decrease considerably, a higher difficulty to carry out braking, thus increasing the braking distance and finally, the lack of direction of the vehicle.

What can happen if I pass over a buildup of water?

In this case, there are variants according to the wheels that take the accumulation of water. If we take them with a wheel, we will only notice a deceleration, so we should not break if they are both wheels, and for example, we are on a highway. It can cause us to change lane unintentionally (checked first hand). If it is with all four wheels at the same time depending on the speed, we will see trooper, we will lose control of the vehicle, both in direction and acceleration, as in braking.

avoid the aquaplaning

What can we do to try to avoid it?

1, First we will check the useful life that our tires have left, if there is little left we will proceed to replace them, to choose it we will look at the drawing of the tire, its grooves and drawings will play a fundamental role.

2, The tire pressure checked so that they are in optimal condition.

3, If we are crossing an area where there is a lot of water, we may find accumulations of this liquid. Which we recommend lowering a march to the vehicle to keep it retained and high in turns in case it is necessary to use the accelerator to have an immediate exit in the vehicle.

4, Using the senses, the caution, and the adaptation of the speed to the track is essential to stay inside. The one you are driving, it is not only for you but also for those who circulate by cart.

5, In case of extreme rain, turn on the fog lights so that they can see us. In the case of agglomeration of vehicles or road retentions, we will use the emergency lights of the vehicle to warn the vehicles that are behind us that there are obstacles on the road to moderate their speed.

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