Get Your Car Started and Comfortable from Anywhere with Chevrolet RemoteLink Control

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Chevrolet RemoteLink Control

With the colder seasons quickly coming to an end, you may be looking forward to days where you won’t need to scrape off your windshield or sit in a cold car until the heater warms up. Don’t forget though, once the days really start to heat up, you’ll have to start worrying about where you park your car when you’re out running errands or while you’re at work. Modern cars have great air conditioning and window tinting is a great way to keep most of the heat out, but it’s still tough to get your car to a comfortable temperature sometimes.

That’s why GM offers the RemoteLink Mobile App on vehicles equipped with OnStar, allowing drivers to start their car from nearly anywhere by using their smartphone. Like traditional remote start system, this feature really comes in handy during the winter and the summer when you need to get your ride comfortable before you even get in. However, since it is based on your smartphone, the range isn’t limited by the range of your key fob meaning you can get your car started before you even leave your desk or as you are checking out at the grocery store.

Chevrolet RemoteLink Control

Just like you can get the air conditioning running in the warmer months, RemoteLink allows you to get the heater on your car started during the winter. Imagine letting your car warm up so you don’t have to spend so much time scraping ice or frost off your windshield when it’s cold out.

“Chevrolet, paired with the RemoteLink app available through OnStar, offers one of the most winter-weather ready lineups of any manufacturer,” Philip M. Abram, GM chief infotainment officer, said.

During the Polar Vortex this past season, records for the number of RemoteLink activations in a single day and in a single hour were shattered by drivers looking to warm up their cars before even stepping outside.

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